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Wisdom teeth extraction is a routine procedure that is widely performed, carries minimal risk, and is generally associated with manageable discomfort.
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Signs It Is Time For An Extraction

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last set of permanent teeth to emerge. Positioned at the back of the mouth, both on the top and bottom, behind the second molars, they typically make their appearance between the late teens and mid-twenties, although individual variations exist. Interestingly, some individuals may experience their emergence earlier or later, while others may not develop wisdom teeth at all. While certain cases exhibit no immediate issues upon their eruption, there are several reasons why removal is often recommended.

When should wisdom teeth be removed? Here are some common indications:
  1. Crooked Growth or Impaction: If wisdom teeth emerge at an angle or become stuck against adjacent teeth, they can cause misalignment and discomfort. In such cases, extraction is advised.
  2. Insufficient Space and Crowding: Often, there isn’t enough room in the jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth, leading to painful crowding. Removing them can alleviate discomfort and prevent complications.
  3. Difficult Oral Hygiene: Wisdom teeth located in unfavourable positions can create spaces that trap food particles and make thorough cleaning challenging. This can increase the risk of decay and gum disease.
  4. Susceptibility to Infection: Impacted wisdom teeth, which are partially or fully trapped beneath the gum line, are more prone to infections. Prompt removal can mitigate the risk of complications and improve oral health

What To Expect?

Whether your wisdom teeth can be easily extracted by a dentist or require a surgical procedure performed by an oral surgeon, we have you covered. After a thorough examination, our experienced dentists will provide you with personalized information about the specific type of extraction that best suits your needs.


A thorough evaluation of your teeth and jaw before scheduling your wisdom teeth extraction. This involves taking X-rays and carefully examining them to assess the emergence of your wisdom teeth and the condition of your root structure. By analyzing this information, we can determine if extraction is necessary and whether a simple extraction or a surgical procedure is required. Our comprehensive approach aims to minimize surprises and ensure that we provide you with the most suitable and effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs


Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities during the wisdom teeth removal process. Based on your personal preferences and the professional opinion of your doctor, we offer options such as local anesthesia (freezing), sedation, or general anesthesia to ensure a comfortable experience. Our skilled dental team utilizes minimally invasive techniques to remove the teeth as gently as possible, minimizing trauma and promoting faster healing. We strive to create a calm and supportive environment, allowing you to feel at ease throughout the procedure. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable experience and facilitate a speedy recovery, ensuring your overall satisfaction with the treatment.



For your comfort and safety, we may request that you bring a trusted friend or family member to accompany you during your wisdom teeth removal appointment. This person can provide support, drive you home afterward, and stay with you during the initial recovery period. Following the procedure, we will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions, including helpful tips to ensure a swift and comfortable recovery. Should you have any additional concerns or questions, our team is here to assist you, and we encourage you to reach out to us for further guidance and support

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost In London?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary significantly depending on various factors. Here is some information to provide you with a general idea of the cost range:

With a typical insurance plan, a simple, single-tooth extraction is often covered partially, and the out-of-pocket cost can range from $100 to $200 or more per tooth. Without insurance, the cost for a simple extraction per tooth is typically around $200 to $600 or more.

It’s important to note that providing an accurate quote for wisdom teeth removal without a thorough oral examination is challenging. The treatment plan and cost need to be tailored to your specific needs, which can only be determined after a comprehensive evaluation.

Wisdom teeth removal falls into two broad categories, which can help give you an idea of the potential costs:

1. Simple Tooth Extraction: This type of extraction is performed on fully erupted wisdom teeth without complications. General dentists can typically perform these extractions using local anesthesia. If the removal process is quick and straightforward, it generally costs less.

2. Surgical Tooth Extraction: This category involves the removal of wisdom teeth that haven’t fully erupted, are impacted, have complicated roots, or have a problematic relationship with neighbouring teeth, particularly the second molars. Surgical extractions require careful consideration, delicate care, and expertise, making them more complex and associated with higher costs.

To receive an accurate cost estimate for your specific situation, we recommend scheduling an oral examination. During this evaluation, our dental professionals will assess your condition, discuss treatment options, and provide you with a detailed cost breakdown based on your individual needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom teeth often cause issues like pain, overcrowding, infection, and damage to adjacent teeth, requiring their removal.

No, the procedure is performed under anesthesia, ensuring you are comfortable and pain-free during the extraction.

The duration of the procedure depends on various factors, including the complexity of the case, but typically takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

Local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia may be used depending on the complexity of the extraction and your preference.

The recovery period varies for each individual, but it typically takes about a week to fully recover and resume normal activities.

Depending on your situation, your dentist may recommend removing all four wisdom teeth during the same procedure to minimize discomfort and recovery time.

Soft foods like soups, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and smoothies are recommended during the initial stages of recovery. Gradually, you can transition to a normal diet.

Your dentist will prescribe pain medication and provide instructions on how to reduce swelling, such as applying ice packs and following proper oral hygiene.

It is advisable to take a few days off to rest and recover after the procedure, especially if it involves surgical extraction or if you experience significant discomfort.

It is important to avoid smoking, using straws, consuming hard or crunchy foods, and vigorous rinsing for a few days to prevent complications and promote healing.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted or causing issues, not removing them can lead to pain, infection, damage to adjacent teeth, and other oral health complications.

What Our Patients Have To Say

Zak Jawad

I don't normally write a review but I would like to say that Dr.Weal was extremely patient and careful while extracting my wisdom teeth, especially being a first time client. During the extraction he took his time and made sure I was just as comfortable as if I were getting my teeth cleaned! Dr.Weal even reached out to see how I was doing during my recovery process. I would recommend him and his team to anyone looking for a dentist.

Joy Gronau

Very pleased with their service today! Very accommodating and we’re able and fit me in on such short notice! Dentist and staff are very welcoming and really put their patients at ease!

Zohair Ghalla

I was seen by Dr. Darwish.
He was great, very gentle, fixed my problem from the first visit and explained to me in a very detailed manners all about my condition, what he did and how to prevent it in the future.
Highly recommended

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